Brexit … And it's consequences for your binding tariff information (BTI)

Are you currently using a British BTI for your trade operations with the European Union and are you wondering how Brexit will affect this? Read this document carefully and prepare yourself for a possible Brexit as of today.

Brexit scenario

When the United Kingdom leaves the EU definitively on October 31, the Union Customs Code will no longer apply to the United Kingdom. As a result, all BTI’s delivered by the British customs authorities will immediately cease to be valid, as well as the BTI’s delivered by the Belgian customs authorities to holders with a British EORI number.

Who will be affected?

As a consequence, companies will no longer be able to use their invalidated BTI’s and find themselves in a situation of legal uncertainty. Therefore, they would be well advised to ask for a new BTI in an EU member state as soon as possible in order to secure their future import and/or export transactions to or from the European Union.

Why apply for a new BTI in Belgium?

You can submit an application to the Belgian customs office to receive a new BTI as a replacement for an invalid BTI. An accelerated procedure has been put in place.

Accelerated procedure


Be in possession of a valid EORI number.
Fill in the reference number of your old BTI and the commodity code on the application form (section 5)! This is absolutely necessary for your application to be valid!
Transmit all available information about the product to the customs authorities, such as:

  • Technical file
  • Material Safety Data Sheet
  • Certificates of Analysis
  • Composition and function of the product
  • Production process


In one of the national languages of Belgium (NL/FR/DE); however, British companies are allowed to submit their application form in English.
Normally by ordinary post, but British companies can submit a one-time electronic application by sending an e-mail to
As of October 2019 all applications will be submitted electronically.

If ordinary post, send the standard form to:

General Administration of Customs and Excise – premium rate
Koning Albert II-laan 33 - PO box 37 - A8
1030 Brussels (Belgium)

You will receive a letter (for applications by ordinary post) or an e-mail (for e-mail applications) acknowledging receipt of your BTI application. A file administrator will convert the old UK BTI into a new, identical Belgian BTI.

When issued, the original BTI will be sent to the British holder by registered post. A copy of all documents will be transmitted electronically to the customs representative to make sure the correct BTI is immediately available. The procedure takes ten working days at most.

Please note that the BTI is delivered in one of the national languages of Belgium (NL/FR/DE), without exception.

Learn more about BTI?

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